Hi, my name is Jiun Hong, I am a food enthusiast residing in Berlin. I used to be an architect but decided my passion was elsewhere, and now I work as a baker in a cafe.

Apart from my new adventure of becoming a true baker, here in arkonane, I share everyday Korean recipes and more about Korean food culture.

I noticed I have been cooking Korean food way more often after I moved to Berlin. It can easily mean I miss my hometown, but also that food to me is much more than about the taste, it’s what brings back home wherever I am. I grew up in a very food-centered family, and what I know and will be sharing here is all based on those memories.

The name arkonane comes from a little park right in front of our flat called ‘Arkonaplatz’. When you add ‘-ne(네)’ in Korean, it means a household living in the district. Hence, we, my husband and I are called arkonane, or in Korean 아코나네.



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