EATS IN SEOUL: Tteokbokki

Maboknim Tteokbokki, 마복림 떡볶이

I’ll be straight up and say don’t get your expectations too high on this place. The taste is not exceptionally and the vibe isn’t so attractive either, but it’s more about its originality. After all this is the place where Tteokbokki was invented! There’s even a street full of Tteokbokki places formed around it, now called “Tteokbokki Town.” The taste might be a bit bland compared to the crazy spicy Tteokbokki trending these days, but this one’s more of a comfort food. There’s interesting mix of ingredients including Jjolmyeon and fried Mandu, and they’re going to boil this pan right in front of you. Overall I have to say it’s definitely worth a visit and plus the spicy level is pretty low so it’s perfect for beginners.

CC image courtesy of Tfurban on Flickr

Details 5 Dasan-ro 35-gil, Sindang-dong, Jung-gu / 02-2243-8930 / Price €10 for 2 ppl

Matna Bunsik, 맛나분식

This place is a hidden gem in the backstreets of Jongro. It’s very close to Ikseon-dong, an old neighborhood filled with cute little shops and cafes in renovated Hanoks, Korean traditional housings. Anyways this is the hands down the best Tteokbokki place in Seoul, but it’s really tiny and hidden. The owner has her own philosophy and principal in perfecting her food, and only sells a fixed amount a day. She even makes her own gochujang! There’s been always a long line of people before Corona happened, and the closing time is literally when Tteokbokki runs out which used to be only 3pm.

CC image courtesy of anokarina on Flickr

Details 40 Donhwamun-ro 6ga-gil, Jongro-gu / 02-3675-2110 / Price starts from €3

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